I'm not exactly sure where or how to begin explaining this, so bear with me.

For over a year, I've wanted to dedicate time and effort into creating something bigger than just a one-shoot series. Having a short attention span, not being the best planner (to say the least) and having to depend on other people to be my models has always made sure that my attempts at creating something big have mostly ended with "we can always try again next summer".  

Going out and taking photos for fun is, well, fun, but like anything you do too much, it gets boring at times. When I started out photography, I used to only shoot architecture, then I had a metro phase, then the botanical gardens, then just portraits, and finally what I like to call "portraits with meaning". I found it enjoyable and challenging to try to take a certain feeling/concept/song and try to conceptualize it into a couple of photos. Here's the thing about that: no matter how much I tried to vary my work, everything always seemed to come back to the same general theme:


My work has changed a lot over the past few months: I went from trying to create as much as possible to using photography as a medium to express what I was feeling. I started to feel unsatisfied photographing a subject just because they were conventionally attractive: what else do we have in common? Do we have the same interests? Same taste in music? Are we going to be friends after this? I realized how much more connected I was to people that I knew personally, even if they weren't models, and how much I preferred photos I took of them over those I took of strangers, only because I felt something when I looked at them. 

Cutting my repertoire of faces down led to me to always finding myself using the same people, same places, and same music as inspiration: and although I was far from unsatisfied with the results I was getting, I was definitely getting tired of exploring the same idea and still feeling like there was more left to express that I couldn't do with just one set of images.

I've been wanting to tackle the suburbs with my photography for so long now, and I realized that it was the only place where I could really find nostalgia, familiar faces and locations that meant a lot to me were in the neighbourhoods I grew up and spent time in.

I also figured that documenting this project step-by-step instead of keeping it to myself until the very end would help me to stay motivated, inspired, and to get other people involved. I'll go deeper into my fascination with the suburbs and what exactly I want to depict with this project very soon, but for now I just wanted to share a short introduction as to what inspired me to start this.