A letter to my dear aunt (Because I didn't want to do the last critique)

Dear Aunt Airwrecka, 

How have you been? 

Okay, thats enough about you. I'm writing to tell you about a wonderful exhibit I visited this morning. It's an exhibit about William Notman at the McCord Museum. I know how much you love him, so I decided to go visit and tell you all about it!

I really liked the exhibit! It was cool to see how people took pictures in the past. We really got to see how much effort was put into getting one single shot, and how much harder photography used to be in the past. 

The layout of the exhibit was very interesting. I liked how we got to see objects from the past as well as old photographs by Notman. I would definitely go back!

I would keep writing but I don't know what to say, so enjoy these photos of the exhibit! 

See ya, 

Matteo (your favourite nephew)